Advantages of Sandstone Tiles

A lot of us dream of a house that exudes panache and elegance. The timeless appeal of natural stones, helps us achieve that without burning a hole in our pocket. While a variety of natural stone tiles are available to choose from, the sandstone tiles are by far the one’s that readily catch my eye!

In fact builders in Rome used sandstone for decorating the walls or in ceremonial areas regularly that had less traffic.

Even though they are great-looking pieces, they give the user a lot of advantages. Keep reading to know more…

When we talk about tiles, we look for options that are versatile, work well both indoors and outdoors and if they’re available in a burst of colours, right from the beach to the desert, from brown, to tan, to gold, to red, that’s cherry on top! Sandstone tiles become a natural choice then, when it comes to flooring

It’s beauty and uniqueness knows no end, in the aesthetic’s eye. What makes it even better is it’s eco-friendly, the pieces are formed from natural processes and super easy to replace.

It’s a bit porous, compared to say granite, which makes it a tile very easy to walk on, without you thinking of hurting your feet!

So where do I place this tile in my home project??

If you too love a sandstone tile like me, use a non-polished one in bathrooms less frequently used, like a guest bathroom. Apart from that, you could make an aesthetic wall like the Romans for your living room or use it as a paveway to your garden. You want to take it up a notch, use it as a natural wall using sandstone cladding tile in the living space to add that rustic appeal. Or a rugged look for your kitchen scene, with sandstone kitchen tile backsplash or a unique backdrop for your dining room.

Pair it wisely with the surrounding colour theme and you will effortlessly create a space that you will love.

Pro Tip: Ensure to follow the manufacturer guidelines, right from what type of sealer needs to be used, to the cleaning solution. This is to help upkeep the quality of our sandstone tile.